Manik is a way of looking at life and exploring it. It’s a journey in feeling and expressing yourself


“Enjoying the journey of life, sharing my passion and love for this instrument.”

I first came across the handpan in 2009. After years spent discovering the sound and expressive potential of the instrument, at the end of 2016, when I returned from my experience on the old pilgrimage road to Santiago, I began the Manik jour.

Manik began with a very clear aim: making a living from something I’m passionate about. Since I came into contact with the handpan, it has formed part of my life, and, with Manik, it has become a lifestyle.

I have always had a special connection with my hands and a great passion for creating things. The name Manik is my symbol on the Maya Tzolk’in or calendar, meaning “the power of achieving and healing with the hands”

Every Manik is born from gratitude for this creative energy that manifests itself through the hands. My intention is for each Manik to become an expressive tool for everyone who plays it and a vehicle for an internal journey for those who listen to it.